The Secret Unfolding

Many may find this content either too bizarre an idea or quite a naïve thought but somethings in life are too obscure to figure out the cause and effect directly and therefore the not so pellucid happenings in life are attributable to supernatural forces. Whether can it be justified?



Whether being dependent on someone is a sign of weakness or is it a strength? Can being dependent be a virtue or is it cowardice.

Chotu – The kid…!!!

First, my title was Chotu - The Boy, when I had the thought of writing this blog but when I started writing, the boy or girl concept had gone far, far away from my head and it has turned more humanitarian, above just a gender issue. The present Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who…

Compassion Cannot Choose

I have been always blamed by people who know me that I am heartlessly practical in dealing and always have a rational viewpoint, far away from emotions and sensitivity. I through my practical debates and logical arguments can convey and convince everyone except one person, My Mother. To my most logical arguments, she will reply…

The Selfish Self

Man proposes and God disposes. God knows what is better for me. Maybe it’s not the correct time. Patience, God has a perfect plan. These are the standard thing which we all say when our plans don’t work as expected. We have 1008 excuses to give for our failure and sorrow. We justify to ourselves…

A Difficult Person

If you think that everyone is wrong and you are always right. You are making yourself a DIFFICULT PERSON. When you have something wrong to say about every good person or thing, You just might be a DIFFICULT PERSON. If you have gradually become too hard to please. Beware, You are becoming a DIFFICULT PERSON.…

Union Budget 2018 Demystified

Union Budget 2018 was presented in parliament on 1st February 2018 by Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitey. It was the 4th and supposedly the last full budget of the current government. The budget was more focused on agricultural and rural economy of India. The article covers various important Taxation and Non-Taxation aspects of the Union Budget 2018.